Bible in Life

Sundays at 9:45 am

Bible in Life is Faith E’s Sunday school program, we offer classes for all ages and stages of life. 
Bible in Life meets Sundays at 9:45 am

Class Descriptions

Minor Prophets, Major Message
Seeing Christ in the Minor Prophets
Teacher: Max Soft
This class meets in the main auditorium

These twelve short books contain some of the most major Prophetic words. They address the same problems that are facing us today, secular encroachment, false religion, the idolatry of pleasure and entertainment, the decline of true worship, and the slide to moral depravity. They call the people of God back into repentance and obedience, and encourage faith even in the midst of persecution. There is the message of the second chance and the surety of God’s judgment on those nations who oppose His purpose. See how God orchestrates all the pieces to achieve His plan, and desires to restore the joy of relationship with His people, which the Messiah accomplished. Christ came and is coming again, we need to live with that expectation. This exciting study that will start fresh with a new book every two to three weeks throughout the year.

Helping You Achieve Financial Freedom
Teacher: Chuck Woods
This class meets in room 129

One of the top indicators of our walk with God is our attitude toward and what we do with money, stuff, and things. Based on the book, “I was broke. Now I’m not.”, this class will give Biblical principles for life in the area. We are limiting this cass in two ways: 1. The first 10 people that sign up and 2. We would like to offer this to those in their 20s and 30s. Sign up at the Connection Center or on a Connect Card.

Living for Jesus when the World is against Him
Teacher: Jerry Wall
This class meets in room 130-131

As a Christian, do you ever feel like a stranger in your own land? Wondering how to live and witness for Jesus in the 21st century? The 1 Peter is for you. Come and study this book for a practical reorientation to Biblical living in a world gone off the rails.

The History of Christianity
Teacher: Steve Handley
This class meets in room 128

At the beginning of the Roman Empire, a man (Octavian) became a god (Augustus). At the same time, in an obscure part of that empire, God (Jehovah) became a man (Jesus). Both events had radical effect on the rest of the story and still affect us today.
Fifteen hundred years ago, two other events (The Renaissance and the Reformation) once again altered the course of history and created the modern world we live in. Using new videos, we’ll bring context to the challenges posed by the Reformers, and we’ll challenge you to apply the truths of the Solas in your own life.