Community groups

a place for you to belong, believe, and become more like Jesus

Although it may sound contrary to how we may be thinking right now, there is no better time than the present to be involved in a Community Group.  Our Community Groups exist to create places for people to BELONG and BELIEVE together in order to BECOME more like Jesus.  

We are encouraging our groups to remain “active” by connecting through phone, text, and on-line meetings (we are currently working on some on-line platforms as a church to assist in this area).  Now is a great time to care for the needs of those in your community and to practice the “One Anothers” together.  

Now is a great time to jump into a group. Fill out the form below and we will hand select a group for you. 

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Church is more than a one-hour gathering on a weekend.
Church is not only a crowd gathered around a stage,
 but a Community sharing life around a table. 

Our communities meet in homes across Billings.
They are a place for you to belong, believe, and become more like Jesus.
The typical community has around 12 members and meets a few times each month for 2-3 hours. You will eat together, pray together, learn together, and then live your faith out together. 


Every few months we host Community On-Ramps at Faith E. This is a time for you to experience our community structure, ask any questions you have, and choose a community to join.