Men’s Ministry

Men's ministry

Men's bowling

Monday, OCtober 28th

8:00 pm

at Sunset Bowl (1625 Central Ave).  $5 per guy.  


Men's Bible Study


6:30-7:30 am

Wild at Heart: A Band of Brothers Study
Join us at Mazevo Coffee (3911 Centra Ave) for this great 8 week study to discover how God can heal our hearts, and help us to become the men He wants us to be (No Cost).


Men's Bible Study Fellowship


6:45-8:30 pm

Every week, men 18 years of age and older come together to study the Bible, learn from one another and be challenged and encouraged to live for something larger than themselves. A BSF Men's Class offers straight talk and biblical truth built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

As a class member, you will spend time in personal study of the Scriptures each week. On class night, you will join other men in a small-group discussion of the lesson and learn from a teaching leader how the truths of Scripture can be applied to daily life. You will leave class with comprehensive lesson notes, which teach further on the passage you studied, and lesson questions for the following week.

Men's classes also offer a school program, in which members may register and bring school-age students. Taught by loving children's leaders, students will grow in their Bible knowledge and love for God as they study the same passages as their registering adult.