Rooted Leader


Rooted schedule

Aug. 28 - FACILITATOR TRAINING: 9am - 12pm
Aug. 31 - FACILITATOR TRAINING: 6pm - 9pm

Sept. 12 // Week 1: What is Rooted? 
Start all together, move discussion to groups
Icebreakers - Appendix pg 84

Sept. 19-25 // Week 2: Who is God?
Plan Prayer Experience outside of regular group if possible

Sept. 26 - Oct. 2 // Week 3: How Does God Speak to Us? // PRAYER EXPERIENCE
Holy Spirit, Fasting, Prayer Experience Models - Appendix pg 85-97

Oct. 3-9 // Week 4: Where Is God In the Midst of Suffering?
Prepare for strongholds next week - if co-ed need both genders to lead

Oct. 10-16 // Week 5: There Is An Enemy
Strongholds - Appendix 98-105
Plan Serve Experience

Oct. 17-23 // Week 6: How Can I Make the Most of My Life? Part 1 // SERVE EXPERIENCE

Oct. 24-30 // Week 7: How Can I Make the Most of My Life? Part 2 // SERVE EXPERIENCE

Oct. 31 - Nov. 6 // Week 8: How Does God View Money?
Video teaching from Pastor Mark

Nov 7-13 // Week 9: Why and How Should I Tell Others?
Collect cardboard testimonies
Appendix 107-111

Nov 21 // Week 10: Why Is the Church Important? // FULL GROUP CELEBRATION
Discuss plans to continue meeting as a group
Identify any new Rooted leaders

Training Videos

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Serve Experience opportunities






What is Fasting?


What is Fasting?


Memory Verse sheet


F.A.Q. - Rooted Leaders

Q: I already lead a group, do my members need to register for Rooted?
Yes! We want all existing group members to register to let us know they're doing Rooted. It gives us a great opportunity to follow up with them about their experience and to let us know how many people are being impacted by the Rooted course.

Q: My group can't meet every week, how do we cover the material within Rooted?
If your group meets every other week, have each member do their homework following the regular Rooted format. At each meeting you will need to cover two week's worth of material. If you need help adapting material or any other questions email us at

Q: Can my group meet at the church?
We try to have a few evenings available for groups to meet at the church. Please call the front desk at 406-656-8747 to ask about days of the week that you had in mind.

Q: If my group meets at the church, is there childcare available?
On specific evenings we do have nursery for 0-4 years of age. For children 5 years and older, the group members will need to arrange their own childcare offsite. Please call the front desk at 406-656-8747 to get details about when childcare is available.


Q: How often will Rooted be offered?
The Rooted experience will be offered at Faith E Church two times a year: Fall (Sept-Nov), Winter (Jan-Mar)

Q: When do I get my facilitator's guide?
All group facilitators will get their guides during the training session for Rooted.

Q: After the 10 weeks of Rooted, do I keep leading this Rooted group?
While each group is different. Typically, the Rooted facilitators are only with each group for the duration of the Rooted course. During the Rooted course the members of the group will select a leader, or leaders, from the group to lead it after the 10 weeks are over. The group will decide when, where, and how often they will continue to meet as a newly formed Community Group. 

Q: Who do I contact with additional questions about facilitating a Rooted Group?
You can call the front desk at 406-656-8747 and ask for or leave a message for Paul or email us at