Bible in Life

Bible in life Classes

Classes for all ages begin January 10th

Sundays at 9:30 am

K-5th Grade Classes

Teacher: Various
Location: North Hall Classrooms
These classes engage children with the Bible in a way that is fun and transformative. Classes are divided by grade, and teach the children right at their unique stage in life.
(children pre-K and younger can be checked into our nursery in the south hallway)

6th-12th grade Class

Teacher: Various
Location: Youth Room
In these challenging days, more than ever before, youth are asking big questions about life and meaning. How do they connect with each other and with God? Where do they turn to for answers? Where do they find hope? This class is a place for them to discover what a relationship with Jesus looks like and it creates space for students to wrestle with the big questions that are foundational to their faith.


Teacher: CCEF-MT Counseling Program
Location: Room 130 (onsite and via Zoom)
In this course, you will learn more about how God changes us. We are all in need of change, but real change does not happen on our own. It occurs as we grow nearer to God both by his direct working and in relationships with other people. Come learn how to grow more like Jesus in everyday life

Join us via zoom

LETTERS TO THE CHURCH -this class also occurs on Sundays at 11:00 AM-

Teacher: Max Soft
Location: Room 128
This class will take a close look at 4 New Testament letters written to the 1st Century Church encouraging, extolling, and challenging it during very difficult times. The letters: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John, and Jude. Often cited but rarely exegeted, these 4 letters contain some of the deepest theology in the New Testament while providing practical instruction for every day living. In a culture where depth is at a minimum, and common sense seems to be in short supply, these 4 epistles provide the church with an infinite amount of both!

This class is filmed and will be released at the links below each week.