College & Career Group

April 24th

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blood drive

Tues, May 25th
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father/daughter amazing race

June 5th
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Vacation bible school

June 13th-16th

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Mondays at 6:30 pm
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community groups

Now is a great time to jump into a group. Fill out the form below and we will hand select a group for you. 

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2021 Soul Training

create strong spiritual habits during this next year

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for Children

Weekend Groups and resources for families

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for students

Weekly in person events for JR High and SR High.

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for women

Weekly Bible Studies and Facebook Group

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for men

Weekly Bible studies

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For Seniors

In Person and Virtual Meetings

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Bible in life

Sundays at 9:30 am
Classes for all ages.

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Faith Egroup

Get daily updates, encouragement, and prayer by joining our Facebook Group.

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Hymn Sing

Feb. 21st at 6 pm
onsite and online

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Membership class

March 20th
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get baptized

March 28th, sign up here

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Group on-ramp

October 11th
Come and see what it means
to be in community and join a group

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Marriage course

Begins October 12th
Strengthen your marriage in just seven weeks

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